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30 hackerman3_: u hav 4gb of ram? shujukan: No need to repeat that every minute. bekks, it is the file "/var/lib/dpkg/status" shujukan: why is that? bekks, ok shujukan: "man apt" states "First, the --simulate option instructs apt-get to simulate the standard operation on the configuration files." zykotick9, ok i got it. zykotick9, how do i simulate it? shujukan: You can run it like "sudo apt-get -f install" for simulating the installation. zykotick9, -s? hackerman3_: still waiting... shujukan: "simulate" instead of "simulate" hackerman3_: good news!!! I managed to install ubuntu :D sgs: what did you do? sgs: So you did not have 10.04 installed yet? zykotick9, so i run it, and try installing that pkg? bekks: i dont know what that is... how can i find out? bekks: im actually not sure i even have windows installed on my machine... sgs: lsb_release -r zykotick9, i run it, and it said something like "Unable to correct missing packages" zykotick9, should i just install them? bekks: i think its like "12.04.1" shujukan: ahh, "sudo apt-get -f install" zykotick9, ok now it is downloading all the




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